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Jarkko Tontti is a novelist, essayist, poet and lawyer. He lives in Helsinki, Finland. He is member of PEN International Executive Board and former president of Finnish PEN.

Tontti studied law, philosophy and literature at the universities of Helsinki, Edinburgh, Berlin and Brussels. He has published collections of poetry, novels and essays.

Tontti’s first published collection of poetry Vuosikirja (Book of Years, 2006) won the Kalevi Jäntti literature prize. His poems have been translated into English, French, Swedish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Estonian, German, Greek, Slovenian, Latin, Polish, Romanian, Croatian and Portuguese.

Before his writing career Tontti worked in the Ministry of Justice, Local Court of Espoo, in the Parliament of Finland and at the University of Helsinki. He received his Doctor of laws degree from the University of Helsinki in 2002 and is a specialist in philosophy of law, freedom of expression law and copyright law.

Tel: +358400784313
E-mail: Poems in Finnish, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Estonian, Slovenian, Croatian, Romanian and Greek.


Perintö (Legacy, novel, 2018)

Vedeera vaarallisilla vesillä (Vedeera in Perilous Waters, fantasy novel, 2018)

Viisastuminen sallitu (Wisening permitted, essays, 2016)

Lento (Flight, novel, 2013)

Vedeeran taru (The Tale of Vedeera, fantasy novel, 2012)

Sali (Gym, novel, 2011)

Koti, uskonto ja isänmaa (Home, Religion and Fatherland, essays, 2011)

Jacasser (Jacasser, poems, 2009)

Luokkakokous (Class reunion, novel, 2007)

Vuosikirja (Book of Years, poems, 2006)

Right and Prejudice – Prolegomena to a Hermeneutical Philosophy of Law. (Monograph, 2004)